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Bucharest is the 6th largest, the second poorest and most dense metropolis in Europe. In this context where mass housing, mass social deprivation, mass uniformity were all created on the back of utopian visions of socialism / capitalism, the theme of microtopia seems to be relevant, as another point of departure - individuals and their personal dreams and desires.


Possible Playgrounds seek to engage the young generation who do not carry the weight of the communistic past, but is stuck living in the build leftovers of the old regime - the so called dormitories of the city, where some 60% of the population live in extremely dense conditions with little or no recreational and cultural facilities.

In a recent survey made in Giulesti Sarbi, the residents agree, that the number one thing missing in the neighborhood, is public playgrounds, so the children don’t have to play on the street. The portrait series point towards this need, by suggesting possible playgrounds in the neighborhood. At the same time the portraits comment on the needs, fears and hopes of the teenagers towards their local surroundings.

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