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100% Foreign? - Denmark 

After 100% Foreign - Copenhagen was on show in the capital region of Copenhagen the exhibition was turned into an urban exhibition travelling to 16 cities across Denmark in 2018 and 2019. The exhibition is extended for each city with 10 portraits of local former refugees.

Throughout art history the landscape is often used to mirror national identity. In Denmark this entails portraying beech forest, sand dunes and beaches at western and northeren Jutland, open cornfields as particular Danish. 100% Foreign rely on this tradition portraying the participants in landcapes characteristic for the 16 cities that are both culturally significant and shows our connection to the world. Updating the classic "figure groups in landscapes" approach, the project delivers a more contemporary story of Denmark, to supplement romantic nationalism. 

The project is an ongoing part of Maja’s social art practice, combining art and educational programmes throughout various schools in denmark. 


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