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100% Copenhagen  

100% Copenhagen is an alternative “happiness” report of Copenhagen, Denmark, comparing statistical analysis with the people behind the numbers. On one hand the portrayed are 100 ordinary citizens who statistically represent the city ́s population based on six categories: gender, age, ethnic background, socio-economic status, family status and location of residence. On the other hand, they each reveal an individual standpoint “representing” the most important social issues of the time from a highly personal perspective.


Copenhagen has received the title of “the most liveable city in the world” several times and the Danes are always among the top three countries in the “happiest” nation tables issued by The United Nations. By asking Copenhageners what is most important to their individual happiness, 100% Copenhagen creates a more nuanced and alternative story, highlighting taboos such as gender equality, alcoholism, depression, students’ pressure, old age, prostitution, obesity, childlessness etc.

Through intense collaboration with the participants their stories were staged, using their homes as the scenographic setting. The 100 interviews and photographs are a result of a three-hour meeting with each participant, created For The Museum of Copenhagen as a mental snapshot of the city in 2014.

The portraits were created after Maja worked with the 100 participants  on a documentary theatre performance by Rimini Protokoll at The Royal Theatre in  2013.

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