Maja Nydal is a photography-based visual artist. Her work often challenge archival and media representations of a certain group of people. Majas praksis is based on fieldwork and co-creation with the participants to open up a free zone, where their stories are told anew. The projects develops a third language - neither how Maja nor the participants see themselves - but negotiated realities, where "status quo storytelling" is interrupted by the people in question.   

This process often goes far beyond creating images and also includes workshops, educational programs and live storytelling by the participants. To get a larger audience engaged in the new storyline the showings include, city halls, libraries, cultural centers, outdoor locations and art halls.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 100%FREMMED? KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad 100%FREMMED? Silkeborg, Denmark

2017-19 100%FREMMED? 20 cities in Denmark in collaborations with art halls, municipalities and institutions across the country, including Brøndum Slot Art Museum, Vejle Art Museum and Roskilde Museum For Contemporary Art, produced in collaboration with METROPOLIS

2018 Dongcheng Happyness Map, The Danish Cultural Center, Beijing

2018 100% Copenhagen, The Danish Cultural Center, Beijing

2018 Awaiting The Bridge, outdoor exhibition in i Jincheng Township arranged by Local Methodology, Kinmen, Taiwan

2016 Possible Playgrounds, Museum for Roma Culture, Bucharest

2015 100% Copenhagen, Taipei Design & City Exhibit, Taipei

2014 100% Copenhagen, The Museum of Copenhagen, Produced in collaboration with METROPOLIS, Copenhagen City Hall, and outdoor exhibitions in each of the 10 areas of the capital region.

2012 Brain Lab, Panum Institute, Copenhagen

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Portrait Now! The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark, Ljungbergmuseet, Sweden 

2016 A World Of Cultures, ClampArt Gallery New York, Menier Gallery London, RPS Gallery Tokyo

2016  Copenhagen Photo Festival

2015 Bucharest Microtopias, ARCUB contemporary art space, Bucharest

2012 The Artists’ Autumn Exhibition (KE), censured group exhibition, Den Frie, Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

2011 Fragments, Fatamorgana Graduate Exhibition, Gallopperiet, Copenhagen

2011 Indoors//Outdoors, collaboration with Simone Lilmoes, Copenhagen Photo Festival; Bjerget, By og Havn, Dansk Industri, Copenhagen

2009 Værker Der Virker, collaboration with Mette Præst, Line Møller and Ida Martin, Charlottenborg contemporary art space, Copenhagen

Grants and Awards

The Carlsberg Foundation's Portrait Award, Special Prize, Contemporary Nordic and Chinese Portrait Award

Global Campus Of Human Rights Visual Contest 2017, Winning portrait. 

Life Framer, A World Of Cultures, First Prize

Support by the Danish Arts Council, Intercultural Center, Knud Højgaards Fond for 100% FREMMED? 

Support by the Danish Arts Council for Dongcheng Happyness Map, Beijing



2018 Institute For Provocation, Beijing

2017 ARCUB, Bucharest


Member of BKF, The Danish Association of Visual Artists 

Vice President, Institute for Art and Interculture 

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