Awaiting The Bridge  

Quemoy is a small island controlled by Taiwan but so close to mainland China that you can see its shore line. Everywhere on Quemoy there's reminders of a turbulent past between cross-strait rivals that once fought a civil war. But with tensions at relative lows and few if any gunfire exchanges in years, this island is looking to tourists - especially from China - attracted by military relics from decades of warfare between China and Taiwan.

In a bid to capitalize on Chinese curiosity, Taiwan, still largely closed to its neighbors across the channel, opened Kinmen in 2003 to residents of China’s Fujian province just a short ferry ride away. The tourists, can visit minefields, mortars and other wartime relics. In this newfound friendly atmosphere, Quemoy citizens are very divided on the subject of the Kinmen-Xiamen bridge - A bridge under construction during the making of "Awiting the Bridge" pulling China and Taiwan even closer together. 

The project engages a local school in staging both the tensions, hopes, fears, and mental preparations while awaiting the bridge and hoping for a future of peaceful coexistence. 

The project is ongoing. 

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