Awaiting The Bridge  

Quemoy (Kinmen) is a small island controlled by Taiwan but so close to mainland China that you can see its shoreline. Quemoy is also Taiwan’s main defence outpost against China, and the citizens of Quemoy have been partaking in intense military training for years.


Everywhere on Quemoy there's reminders of a turbulent past between the two countries that once fought a civil war. But with tensions at relative lows in 2018, China initiated to build a bridge from Xiamen to Quemoy for Chinese tourists to visit the old war relics.


Awaiting the Bridge was done in this rare time of optimism and semi-friendship between the two nations. Still the Quemoy citizens were very divided on the subject of the Kinmen-Xiamen bridge. The project engages a local school in staging the tensions, hopes, fears, and mental preparations of the young residents while awaiting the bridge and hoping for a future of peaceful coexistence.

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