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In 2019 Maja founded the organization 100% FOREIGN? in collaboration with the participants and managing team of her art project by the same name. The organization creates art projects, exhibitions and educational programmes surrounding the issue of building intercultural identity - on a personal and a societal level. The organisation is based on Majas long-term commitment to combine artistic practise with educational programmes when working on social issues.


100% FOREIGN is the first organization to work with UNESCO ASP schools* in Denmark on a long-term program engaging students in mixing art and educational practices to explore the theme of Global Citizenship. For more info visit the website


Moreover 100% FOREIGN? provides the first educational material in Denmark on building intercultural identity while also offering educational programs led by former refugees.


” 100% FOREIGN is an important and groundbreaking initiative contributing to inclusive learning environments from bullying and discrimination. Moreover the platform is a strong example of how art contributes to a sustainable development in society”

– Anna Enemark, General secretary, the danish UNESCO National Commision


*The 167 UNESCO Schools help in spread the UN's 17 Global Goals as well as UNESCO's values of peace, intercultural understanding and tolerance.


Who Are We? is a workshop focusing on Global Citizenship using artistic methods. By creating and interpretating staged photographs, students engage in critical dialogue about issues surrounding migration and intercultural identity.


The workshop creates a framework where Global Citizenship is not another subject to be taught, but a platform to meet and understand people with different experiences than your own. First the students listen to a story by a former refugee and are photographed reacting to the story:

…Then the students and the storyteller work together, creating staged photographs of defining moments from the person’s story. Their dialogue helps the storyteller se new perspectives and resurface repressed memories while the students reflect on the challenges and possibilities of building intercultural identity.  


The last day the students create staged photographs interpretating the storytellers memories and showing him/her the results at the end.


Maja Nydal guides the process through exercises and theory related to artphotography and visual, narrative storytelling:

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