At the moment Maja is portraying one hundred former refugees, who statistically represent the 160.000 refugees that obtained asylum in Denmark since 1956. The Tivoli Funfair is used like as an old fashion photographic studio, where the participants bring objects and other people that matter to them, and pose on a backdrop of their choosing.

The project is done in collaboration with Copenhagen International Theatre, and will be on show in The City Hall, Copenhagen (april 12. 2017) and in Tivoli (july 2017), followed by a tour across Denmark in the fall. The content will be handed over to The Danish National Archive as the first large-scale project documenting the stories of the Danish citizens that are former refugees. 

The partners are Tivoli, The National Archives, Center for World Culture and 20 different national associations.

The project is sponsored by, Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen Municipality, Intercultural Center, Sportgoodsfonden, Knud Højgaards Fond. 

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