Maja Nydal Eriksen is a photographer and curator, based in Copenhagen. She has a BA in Art History (University of Aarhus DK) and a MA in Culture- and Media Production (Malmö University, Sweden). She is also graduate from The Danish School of Art Photography Fatamorgana. 

Maja’s work often challenge archival and media representations of a certain group of people. Her work is based on fieldwork and co-creation with the participants to open up a “free zone” where their stories are told anew. The projects develops a “third language” - neither how Maja nor the participants see themselves - but negotiated realities, where the “status quo storytelling” is interrupted by the people in question.   

This process often goes far beyond creating images and also includes workshops, educational programs and live storytelling by the participants. To get a larger audience engaged in the new storyline the showings include, city halls, libraries, cultural centers, outdoor locations and art halls.

Maja has curated and exhibited solo shows in museums and contemporary art spaces since 2008.