Maja Nydal Eriksen (born.1983) is a photographer and a cultural producer / curator, based in Copenhagen. She has a BA in Art History (University of Aarhus DK) and a MA in Culture- and Media Production (Malmö University, Sweden). She is also graduate from The Danish School of Art Photography Fatamorgana. 

Maja’s work often challenge and restage archival and media representations and is based on fieldwork and co-creation with the participants. This process may take months and is key to framing the cultural conditions - physical, social,  subconscious desires and struggles of a place or a group of people.

Maja develops a “third language” where the photographs creates alternative narratives - neither how she nor the participants see themselves - but negotiated realities, where new meaning and self representations occurs. This process of collaborative and visual storytelling opens up a “free zone” allowing for deconstruction and reinterpretation of societal structures we often accept and take for granted.

She has curated and exhibited solo shows in museums and contemporary art spaces since 2008.